“Kelly is beyond talented! She helped me find greater health, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve done traditional Chinese medicine for years, but was new to the High Five approach. It works on a completely different level, more focused on mustering inner strength and wisdom, on healing from within. Kelly’s warm, upbeat, compassionate presence makes me feel totally at ease. Her sessions always leave me feeling grounded, strong, and healthier. She is smart, intuitive, wise, and a true pleasure to be around. She’s offering telehealth and guided acupressure during COVID, which I’ve dabbled in with her and highly recommend. Kelly is AMAZING!!!”

– K

“”To begin with, Kelly is both highly intelligent and intuitive.  Using both, she has become a highly skilled acupuncturist as well an intuitive, empathic healer.  In 5-Element Acupuncture, after the client’s energy has been balanced and fortified, the acupuncturist will access the spirit of the client. Kelly is able to quickly tune into a client’s energy and spirit.  I know that when I leave after having a treatment with her, I am energized, relaxed, focused, and balanced.  Smiling too!

– A

“I first came to Kelly during a difficult transition time, and found her acupuncture sessions to be important and transformative in my healing process. Each treatment helped me to feel more grounded, centered, and energetically invigorated. Kelly is a wonderful listener, very professional, incredibly intuitive, and a natural healer. Her treatments are the best I have ever received and I recommend her to any one in need of deep healing work.”

– J

“Kelly has been such a blessing in my life. I’ve tried everything in the book to heal my intense adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances and nothing really worked until I started receiving her acupuncture treatments. Since working with Kelly, my energy has improved, I feel much stronger and my menstrual cycle has regulated! I’ve seen other acupuncturists before and there’s something different about Kelly… her 5 Element Approach feels less invasive to my sensitive body compared to traditional acupuncture. But most importantly, she truly cares about your healing.”

– A